Tucker & Lokeinsky represents over 400 community associations ( click here for partial association client list) performing legal work such as:

Collecting delinquent accounts
Foreclosing liens
Working on claims against developers
Negotiating infrastructure responsibility with government
Enforcing rules
Interpreting declarations and other association documents
Representing associations in litigation and claims between overlapping associations
Pursuing recovery for damage to association property

Tucker & Lokeinsky offers a cost effective solution to association collections with its “No Collection/No Fee” policy.
No legal fees are charged to our association clients on collections except to the extent money or value is actually collected.

This is beneficial to associations because:

You will know you are not paying attorney’s fees to pursue an uncollectible debt – we bear that risk.


You will know that we will do our best to collect so that we get paid.

What this means is we never bill our association clients for collection work unless we get the delinquent owner to pay, or foreclosed property is sold or rented.
Computerization and procedures established to increase efficiency; and Our experience in doing association collection work.
The only expense our associations bear is court costs, such as filing fees and service fees when an association authorizes a lien foreclosure.
We welcome your inquiries about our representation of your association. Please call Jessica Lokeinsky or Michelle Montekio.

Tucker & Lokeinsky offers the following online resources for our clients and website visitors:

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